Erdinc Acikel

Erdinc Acikel, the founder of Conductor Marine Works, has a rich background in naval architecture and marine engineering. Born and raised in Mersin, he moved to Istanbul to pursue his education at Yildiz Technical University, earning his bachelor’s, MSc, and PhD degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Erdinc began his career as a site engineer at a shipyard in Istanbul, specializing in newbuilding cargo ships. This hands-on role provided him with essential practical knowledge. After two years, he joined a prestigious engineering firm to deepen his expertise in engineering.

In 2005, Erdinc founded his own company, focusing on engineering and project management, particularly in process improvement and operational excellence. In 2009, he moved to the Netherlands to work at a leading shipyard specializing in dredgers and offshore vessels. Over 12 years, he held various leadership roles and managed projects in several countries, including but limited to the United States, China, Poland, Turkey, and Norway.

After working with a renowned mega yacht builder, Erdinc established Conductor Marine Works. The company specializes in developing customized process approaches tailored to clients’ unique needs, aiming to provide exceptional experiences and innovative solutions. Conductor Marine Works is dedicated to helping clients achieve success and high-quality results in their projects.

Erdinc Acikel’s dedication and expertise continue to drive Conductor Marine Works toward new innovations and achievements in the maritime industry.