Step 1. Draw up an improvement plan together

The basis of each program is a concrete and pragmatic improvement plan. We discuss this with those involved in the company.

Workshop 1: After the intake interview we organize a half-day workshop. Here we explain the foundations of Project management process and discuss your challenges with everyone involved, from different perspectives. We also explore possible solutions. This provides a good initial analysis and creates immediate commitment.

Management analysis through In-depth interviews with key stakeholders: After the workshop, those involved receive a questionnaire about their vision of the current processes. This gives us more insight into your process maturity and areas of focus.

Workshop 2, making the plan: In the second workshop we share our analysis, based on the outcomes of the first workshop, the questionnaires and the interviews. We also make a proposal for possible solutions. Together with the participants, we will draw up an improvement plan based on this during the workshop with:

  • areas for improvement
  • goals
  • activities
  • priorities and phasing
  • responsibilities